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LJK wide covered garage door remote pictures * Long and short term storage. While you entrust the secure storage, transportation, shipping, documentation & maintenance of your prestige marque to one of the UK's most respected specialist vehicle storage experts, you're free to do the rest. Want a Lada Niva for the ski season? Here’s your man IT ALL BEGAN on a skiing trip to the Alps in 20

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Anyone actually working in the mountains was driving a Fiat Panda 4x4 or a Lada Niva. I thought, blimey, the Niva’s a good bit of kit. I felt sure there’d be a use for them in the UK. So I decided to give it a go bring some in for a garage door remote pictures price, and make some kind of margin.

I sell them here for ?10,799 on the road, including a year’s tax and garage door remote pictures warranty see my website www. markkey. uk/nivacar. I’m 44 and I’ve worked in publishing, marketing and advertising since 1 I’ve had spells working for my father’s food business, and today I’m a manager with a large dairy company. That means I’m in smart-casual each morning to catch the 15 after breakfast with my children Nastasia, six, and Felix, three.



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