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After doing his garage door remote quit working Service, the young Brian settled into abusiness selling mops. ‘I needed a suitable vehicle and one soon appeared in the form of a Morris 1000 Traveller. I took to challenging every vehicle I met and overtaking became such an obsession that I sometimes found myself 20 miles beyond a delivery destination. ’ Reprehensible behaviour, maybe, but Brian soon evolved from boy racer to professional racer, driving a huge variety of sports machinery at the greatest circuits and biggest events of the late 1960s and early ’70s.

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It was at Spa in 1968 that Redman suffered what would be the first of three serious accidents during his career, when his Cooper-BRM’s suspension failed and he crashed into a spectator’s parked car. Unbelievably, the marshal who came to his aid wielding a fire extinguisher didn’t put out the cigarette he was smoking at the time, and reignited the blaze. As the book’s title implies, death was ever-present in Redman’s era of racing and, in fact, he did die, briefly, after his LolaT333 flipped at the Canadian St Jovite circuit in 1977, landing upside down with Redman trapped underneath. After his recovery from a broken neck, he scaled backhis racing activities temporarily and moved with his family to work for Carl Haas in the USA.

Throughout his career he’s had the love and support ofhis garage door remote quit working Marion, whom he married in 1 Only very recently did an X-ray show that Marion, who had been thrown from her horse on the day of her husband’s St Jovite crash, but who dusted herself down and rushed to Quebec to look after him, had also suffered a broken neck, of which she was unaware. Have you seen the BBC documentary that spawned this book? GrandPrix, Thie Killer Years is hard-hitting and packed with soundbites from the survivors of 1960s and ’70s F But actually, those drivers, and other crucial characters such as wives and girlfriendsJacqueline Beltoise, Nina Rindt and Jacqui Hamilton, had been the subjects of full interviews and this book reproduces those interviews in full. What’s revealed is variously hard-hitting, shocking, eye-opening, funny and utterlycompelling. Car designers always make great book subjects but only a handful can compare to Virgil Exner for sheer quantity of output. Having started in 1929 with an advertising agency, Exner was talent-spotted by Harley Earl at GM and never looked back.



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