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‘It has been such a great car that we’ve kept it,’ the collector said, ‘because to give it away would be like selling the family pet. That's something you don't even think of doing. ’ With the lousy winter weather we’ve been having, I’ve not been driving the 4S as much as I’d like. The car is just so clean and immaculate I don’t have the garage door remote repair to drive it in the wet.

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But come a dry sunny day, I’m up to the garage to take it out for a thorough warm up on the Tour de Chelsea. The Porsche has garage door remote repair switches fitted to both front-mountedbatteries. Ipop the lid, wind them on, then hop in, allow a few seconds for the electric fuel pump to charge and trigger the starter. On every occasion the engine fires up instantly. These old 911s are remarkable.

I shouldn’t be surprised. The Targa received a full nut-and-bolt restoration a couple ofyears ago in Sydney, where it hails from, and is garage door remote repair back from a deep service at Prill Porsche Classics, where Andy and his team went right through the car. As mentioned last month, as well as fresh oil and filter and a new windscreen washer pump, it also received a new fuel tank and suspension bushes plus a set ofnew Pirelli Cinturatos from Dougal at Longstone ClassicTyres . On-road behaviour is transformed. Additionally, Andy cleverly engineered into the oil system his non-return valve to stop oil draining down into the dry sump pictured top , which can lead to smoky start ups, and I now notice the oil-pressure light goes out immediately.



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