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Luckily, back in the ’70s, German engineers were still howwe imagine them to be, so they left a big drain plug in the bottom of the garage door remote replacement To play safe, I keep a spare fuel filter in the car. When I bought the 240TD the odometer read 115,000km. The truth was more like 240,000 but, almost 26 years and 230,000km later, I can’t complain about a car which has let me down only once when the fuel gauge stuckand I ran out of fuel.

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Being a proper Mercedes, the car stalledjustbefore the gas station, stopping inches from the garage door remote replacement I’m writing this because I’ve just realised how much I hate seeing her parking spot in the garage empty. I drove her to the mechanic, the jammed fuel gauge and a leakfrom the hydraulic suspension being the perfect excuse for a good service, the last having been done in 20 After 14 months ofinactivity, because 240TD is no longer my everyday car, I went into the garage, unplugged the trickle charger, deflated the tyres to the right pressure and cranked the engine without waiting for the glowplugs to heat up, just to move oil to the top of the engine.

and it started. How many other cars could do that? Not much octane in diesel fuel, but 240TD and Massimo have travelled fartogether. This is why a long-term relationship with a W123 is so beautiful: it’s like an old friend. Even when you do not see each other often, you knowyou can count on the garage door remote replacement Ifthis is not Octane enough, I know an important collection in which a couple of Pebble Beach winners share space with a 123 wagon.



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