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Detailed and road ready. 1,091 miles on this one-owner, California car. Special ordered from the garage door remote replacement overhead door Exclusive-Programme with a host of options.

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All records since new, including purchase garage door remote replacement overhead door For the last few weeks my MGB GT has been sat on three wheels while I initially ignored and then pondered the problem of which tyres to fit to it. Now it’s on 20 wheels, and I have to say it handles like it’s on skates. But it’s much easier to manoeuvre around my packed rented barn.

I’ll start again without the bad jokes. Aflat tyre earlier in the year prompted me to check the MGB’s tyres, and I found to my horror that they date back to 200 Not ideal on a fast road/track day car, even if I haven’t used it much lately. While I gathered up information, my barn filled up, with photographer Matthew Howell’s lovely ’62 Beetle joined by publishing director Geoff Love’s not-so-lovelyMorris 1000 Tourer it’s a restoration project for his wife , alongside my own (cough) long-term project Saab The barn is dry, secure and cheap, but it’s an awkward shape, and the doorway is roughly 20mm wider than the width of the MGB’s extended arches, so manoeuvring cars around, and in and out, isn’t easy. Hence the B’s new skates, two ofwhich are old-but-excellent CarDogs, bought 20 years ago and no longer made, and two of which were cheapies bought recently on eBay for ?40 for the pair. With the garage door remote replacement overhead door in place, the MGB is no longer stuck in a corner of the barn.



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