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So that allowed me to get back on the case, changing the oil, replacing a leaking fuel pipe and re-routing the wiring for the heated front windscreen a brilliant addition, by the way, bought a while back from Moss Europe . Thatjust left the garage door remote reprogramming to sort out. The MGB sits low, on 6in Minilite centre-lock wheels, and wheelarch clearance is tight. Ridiculouslytight.

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But it garage door remote reprogramming great! I consulted Dougal Cawley at Longstone Tyres and Ben Field at Vintage Tyres for advice. Dougal pointed out that the previous super-stickyYokohama 185/60s Below and right The MGB is easierto move around on its new castor wheels; David refits the heated front screen wiring, to incorporate warning lamp and original switch. were probably limiting my trackday fun and my learning, because they’re actually too grippy and because the MGB wasn’t designed for such wide, low-profile rubber. Bothadvisedthata 185/70Avon CR6ZZ, which was designed specifically for fast road and trackday classic cars, would be perfect if the extra 5mm radius would fit under the wheelarches.

The Avons aren’t cheap, and I decided it was too much of a risk, so instead I went with a less sticky 185/60: a Dunlop BluResponse. I’ve had the same on my Impreza for over 20,000 garage door remote reprogramming and they’ve proved to be quieter than the previous tyres, and remarkably hard-wearing. I’ve no idea howthey’ll feel on the B but one is now fitted, and the others are jammed into the boot ready to be changed at the MoT station, alongwith a newtrack-rod end that I ran out of time to fit. I did take the B for a quick run, initially across the barn on the skates handlingwas unpredictable and then around the local lanes on one newtyre and three old ones. As ever, it started immediately and was as much fun as ever.



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