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For every car that has made it into production, the path from the drawing board to driveway has not been an garage door remote sales one. The sheer Level of complexity of combining the styling, engineering, financial and customer requirements means compromises and changes have to be made all along the route. It is a simple fact of automotive corporate life that more styling and engineering ideas end up in the waste paper basket than end up in our driveways.

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There is one common element, however, that applies to every car and eve 17 manufacturer. It is this: every car design has to garage door remote sales somewhere, with someone. And it is not necessarily a drawing on a piece of paper. Take the Ford Mustang, for example.

It was concept that evolved from market research and product planning identifying that Americas baby boomers were coming into their first jobs in the early 1960s. They had money to spend and aspired to a garage door remote sales car that gave them independence and was definitely not something their parents would buy. Quite simply, the Mustang was a set of numbers around which Lee laccoca, Don Frey and Hal Sperlich underpinned with the Falcon's engineering and a new, shapely body. Same goes for the FX Holden. It was first a package of specifications that just happened to be given a shape by GM stylist Frank Hershey, while he was between assignments at Cadillac.



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