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Extensively featured in motoring press with a fascinating detailed history from inception to build and testing. One of the original and now legendary Catalina Island resort Mokes. An incredible detailed garage door remote sears to original specification. Welcome to the June 2016 edition of Retroautos.

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Back in 1954 Peter Saras grandparents bought a VauxhalL Velox. Peter now owns that car and talks to us about its restoration and history. garage door remote sears retractable convertible roofs are not a new idea. Come back to 1941 with us and see the ground breaking Chrysler Thunderbolt dream car. Solaris Legacy.

Our front garage door remote sears shouts out this month's main story. Solaris! What's the Solaris? It was a GM concept car designed in late 1961 which never went on public display. The legacy of the Solaris is that it directly influenced the styling of the HD and HR Holden, and the 1964 Opel Kapitan, Admiral and Diplomat KAD range. Had it not been for the Solaris, the HD/HR and Opel KAD would most likely have been clones of the 1962 Chevrolet Nova, because that's what the original stying proposals were based on. It is a wonderful retro yarn and you will only read it in Retroautos.



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