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The HD s styling was a significant departure

Very few cars have started out as design drawings on paper. The most famous example just has to be David Norths rendering which ended up as the Oldsmobile Toronado. North drew a car, in red ink and black paper, as part of an garage door remote security competition, in 1962, at GM's. Styling Centre.

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Designers were asked to style a car they'd like to drive. With very few changes, and a little bit of upsizing, what North drew appeared in driveways in 1 From quite some time we here at Retroautos have pondered about the styling genesis of many automobiles, including the HD Holden. The HD's styling was a significant departure from the soft, rounded shapes which had characterised Holden styling since day one. The HD was sharp and garage door remote security Nothing was taken from the past except its EH engineering underpinnings .

This car was firmly aimed at the future and demanded to be looked at. It boasted curved side windows, which most cars of the day did not have. The rear window was visually compelling, being convex in plan view and concave in side view. As with all Holdens before and after it, the HD was first a package of garage door remote security We know that the HD was styled by Leo Pruneau and Don Lasky in 1962 in tandem with their work on the Opel Kapitan, Admiral and Diplomat range known as KAD .



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