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Ours was finished by late October as a painted clay

I found out later that Bill Mitchell had a reason. He had been trying to convince garage door remote stanley senior management to use curved side glass and doors and to move away from straight up-and-down doors and door frames. But he could not get anyone to listen to him.

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So, part of Carl Renners job was to incorporate curved side glass and doors into his competition. Anyway, all the studios were given the specifications for the car—height width, weight, passenger capacity, wheel base, track—and asked to come back with a finished clay concept in a couple of months. Ours was finished by late October as a painted clay model, and we had a fibreglass model done by the end of November 1 Carl named it the 'Solaris', Leo said. Along with the other studio concepts the Solaris was evaluated by GM senior management and to everyone's surprise the Solaris won the competition. Says Leo: The Solaris came back from the evaluation and almost immediately all the chief designers came to have a look at it and then it was taken garage door remote stanley to the Chevrolet studio.

In late 1961 Don Lasky and Leo were transferred to the International Styling studio where they were given two assignments by Bill Mitchell. The first was to design the 1964 Opel Kapitan/Admiral/Diplomat and the second was to do the HD Holden. Some preliminary work had already started on the Opel and the Holden in late 1 The proposals were little more than variations on the recently released Chevy Nova, see photos at left . Neither proposal satisfied Bill Mitchell and, after seeing the Solaris, he gave the Opel and Holden tasks to Lasky and Pruneau. This was an easy decision for Mitchell to make because, in early in 1961, after seeing and not liking the Australian developed EJ proposal, he decided to relieve garage door remote stanley of its overall styling responsibilities and transfer it all to Detroit.



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