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The Gosford Classic Car Museum is

We have 40+ photos of the sedan and wagon, many of which have never been published before, and of the styling proposals based on the Chevrolet garage door remote switch and Solaris Davin Cole writes about his 1952 DeSoto truck, which took him over six years to restore. We have the photos from start to finish. It is a wonderful retro yarn.

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Scale models of classic cars are big business, with local and overseas producers vying for a share of the lucrative Australian market. John Pisani of Models56 takes us behind the scenes and shares his experiences with us. The Gosford Classic Car Museum is set to open on May 28th, 20 It houses a collection of over 400 cars from garage door remote switch to modern classics and everything in between. The HD/HR Nationals are in Dubbo this year, on 11th and 12th June. From small beginnings this annual event has grown as the interest in the HD and HR has rekindled collector awareness that good quality HD and HR Holdens are now becoming hard to find.

This 1960 Land Rover continues to have a working role saving lives and property. Originally built as a water pumper, it went into service in the Wagga area in 19 After a traffic accident it was bought by the An nan grove Bush Fire Brigade for $1,100 and used in their rural fire fighting efforts. The original four cylinder engine had to be replaced by a Holden 186 as the weight of the Land Rover, 4 tonnes, tended to overwhelm the vehicle at times. it was garage door remote switch and re-trimmed by Ultimo TAFE students in 1 Suppliers of all Lucas tyres products: Introducing Restoration Supply Downunder Agents for Restoration Supply California Regular containers from USA, parcels and vehicles welcome.



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