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Peugeot engines were also fitted to some

For the ultimate demonstration, take a ride in the back of the long-wheelbase Prestige. There’s a garage door remote technology Rolls-Royce used the same system under licence. Yet not all the CX came from The Future.

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Its engines were uninspiring, basic 0-, 2 and 4-litre four-cylinders that dated back through the DS to the pre-war Traction Avant. Yet, thanks to the installation of a Garrett T03 turbocharger, the 5-litre Turbo and Turbo 2 models could garage door remote technology ground with indecent haste. Peugeot engines were also fitted to some CXs after 1980, but sadly its V6 wouldn’t fit. Had Cita^n’s money not run out, the CX might have had the high-powered triple-rotor Wankel engine that was always planned.

Generally speaking, executive saloon continued to improve into the 1980s. The big update came in 1985 when the CX took on a new look, with garage door remote technology bumpers to freshen up a design that was still in many ways more forward-thinking than the majority of its rivals. Hydraulics suspension, steering, brakes are easy to maintain and generally trouble-free if serviced regularly by a specialist, Many parts are not available new, but can be rebuilt. The ride should be soft but well-damped. If it’s hard and fidgety, it may need new corner spheres at around 30 each.



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