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The website of Beverly Hills-based memorabilia specialist Julien’s is one of the more reliably fascinating corners of the internet, a kind of supermarket for people against whom multiple restraining orders have been filed, Want a pair of Elvis Presley’s underpants? Size 36, if that helps you to date them, Yours for only $2000-4000, Perhaps garage door remote transmitter prefer a bottle empty of his pills? Many varieties to choose from! We’re not making this up: those items will be sold byJulien’s in New York on 21 May, along with many other, far less weird, objects, The one we’d love to take home is the guitar pictured here, known to Stevie Ray Vaughan fans as ‘Jimbo’. Handed down to Stevie by his brotherJimmie who had scratched his name into the back , the modified 1951 Fender Broadcaster was Stevie's first proper instrument, and he used it from '66 through the early '70s before making a decision he would later regret and trading it. It has been valued at $400,000600,000, which seems too strong to us but when Elvis's Quaalude prescription is expected to make $8000, who the hell knows. SPECIAL DELIVERY Auctions America, Auburn, USA 5-7 May.

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Adulthood and our own limitations, obviously have forced us to abandon many of our childhood dreams. There is little chance now that we will appear in a Panini World Cup sticker album or walk on the moon, but our dream of becoming an underworked delivery driver is still alive; we’re just a freshly restored 1947 Cushman Package Kar estimate: $3000-5000 away. auctionsamerica. com oily RAGSAT THEREADY Brightwells, Leominster, UK 11 May A wonderful garage door remote transmitter relic, this 1929 Austin 16/6 survived a career hauling coal around Wales and 13 years in ‘storage’ prior to 1 ‘Blodwyn’ estimate: ?8000-10,000 has been lovingly maintained ever since, but never restored and indeed it was the wish of the previous, long-term owner that she never should be. One for the dedicated preservationist.

Dragone Auctions, Westport, USA 4 June. Built like a classic boat, with steam-bent wood, and roughly the size of a yacht, too, the 1948 Chrysler Town. Country Convertible is a garage door remote transmitter sight. There’s no estimate yet on this very good example, but prices for the best cars are around $225,000 these days; try restoring a basket case, if you can find someone to do the woodwork, and you’ll soon see why. On 30 October 1908, Carl Fisher -the serial entrepreneur and creator of the Indy 500 attached a hot-air balloon to a Stoddard-Dayton and lifted it almost 3000 feet above Indianapolis to promote his Stoddard-Dayton dealership.



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