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This variant was neither as garage door remote tucson az nor as light as the GT-R but boasted a bigger engine, fitted as it was with the 4-litre straight-six used in the brilliant 240Z between 1970 and ’ The exact location of the surviving cars is unclear, although many ended up in the Netherlands. But we do know for sure that the example currently up for sale at FSAutomoveisin Lisbon hasbeenaresident ofPortugal ever since it rolled off the boat from Japan in 1972, and the Portuguese climate has helped to preserve it in very good original condition. That is has never needed restoration also speaks to its low mileage: the clock shows 60,000km from new, so that straight-six surely has much more to give, and the car shouldn’t have to wait long for a new owner. The asking price of €35,000 is not chump change but, with both GT-R and 240Z values creeping upwards, an unmolested example of a near relative rarer than either is an attractive proposition.

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We wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese want it back. No prized 426ci Hemi here, but anyone who claims a 383ci V8 isn’t big enough must be compensating for something. A nice example of one of our garage door remote tucson az muscle cars, and fairly priced. Shown at Amelia Island in 2010, this is a tribute to the very first belly tank racer, built by Bill Burke in 1946 but since lost.

From its flathead Ford V8 to the motorcycle-saddle seat, it is as thrillingly basic as the original. The coolest ‘goddess’ of them all reacquaint yourself with the rear styling if you don’t believe us , the Safari is worth every penny of the premium it commands especially in this colour and condition. There aren’t many like this left now: a one-owner former daily driver with 51,000 miles and a patina that tells of garage door remote tucson az trips, school runs and family holidays past. A real character of a car. After more than 20 years of development in the DS, Cita^n’s Hydropneumatic suspension was perfected for the CX.



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