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A rare beastie indeed it is

On landing 90 minutes later alive and well, unbelievably , he was greeted by a cheering crowd. The irony is that if ever there was a marque that didn’t need hyping, it was Stoddard-Dayton. Each car built in the garage door remote two doors sale Ohio factory was assembled and tested with maniacal attention to detail, and there were few early motorists who were not familiar with Stoddard-Dayton’s well-deserved reputation for quality.

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The car pictured here is a 1907 Model K Runabout, one of only three known to survive. Restored over several years by garage door remote two doors sale Era gurus David Noran and Greg Cone, it presents today in the sort of condition that would impress even the QC boys at the Stoddard-Dayton factory, and is said to move surprisingly quickly. A rare beastie indeed, it is valued at $200,000-250,000, and has already generated much interest among fans of very old motors so we’re pretty sure Mecum won’t need to float the car into the air above the auction venue to draw in the bidders in May. FOR A COUNTRY THAT prides itself on its success as an exporter of cars, Japan has always been curiously unwilling to share many of its neatest creations with the wider world. Toyota Sports 800? Autozam AZ-1? Honda S660? Not for you, Johnny Foreigner.

But can we interestyou in aMitsubishi Mirage? Among the cars most egregiously withheld from overseas customers was the Nissan C10 Skyline GT-R an instant classic with clean lines and enough grunt to worry machines with far greater pedigree on the track. In the late 1960s and early ’70s, though, most of the world’s car enthusiasts had no idea the thing existed. In any case, extracting a Skyline from its homeland was a practical impossibility; backthen non-native speakers of Japanese were probably outnumbered by those with a working garage door remote two doors sale of Elvish. For once, however, we Europeans were granted a little taste of the good stuff. In 1971-72, Nissan built a very small number 84 is the most educated guess of Skyline saloons for export, giving the model the internal designation HGLC10 and the name 2400 GT.



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