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Rust can be a huge problem, especially in pre-1980 cars, Underneath, it’s vital that the longerons and rear subframe are in good shape, If not, the car is potentially going to cost too much to put right, The floorpan and sills are also likely to corrode, although repairs here are generally simpler. Most panels, such as garage door remote type 2 for first-series models, are almost impossible to source and rust badly, so beware of shiny-looking cars hiding filler, Due to the relatively low values, this is still not uncommon. Although not particularly exciting, the CX’s engines are all generally reliable and surprisingly durable, Turbo models are more prone to issues, especially with cooling, Manual and ZFautomatic gearboxes are very strong, although expensive to rebuild if there are problems, The semi-auto C-Matic is an interesting choice, but difficult to maintain.

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Pursue your passion for great cars with us. A garage door remote type 2 of our inventory cannot be found in our advertisements or on our website. Many times buyers and sellers prefer discrete transactions away from the media hype and publicity auction sales often create. We presently have an impressive selection of vintage race and sports cars which are eligible for the world's top events. If you wish to sell or trade your classic, or if you are looking for a specific model, chances are that we know where to find it or already have a buyer.

We are your reliable partner for buying, selling, or trading your classic automobiles. Original, alloy bodied and "no stories" Strada which was restored to Corsa spec 20+ years ago. Fully documented with continuous history from new and totally race-ready with fresh Mathwall engine. Absolutely stunning and eligible for all events incl. Le Mans garage door remote type 2



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