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Rare T6 model in garage door remote unit Red with black hardtop and red leather trim. performance to match. with black leather trim, chrome wheels, luggage rack etc.

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BRIAN CLASSIC & CO Tel: 01565 830 423 www. brianclassiccars. com We are situated within five minutes of he M Alternatively, visitors can be met at nearby Manchester International Airport, or at local mainline station, two hours. In 1946, General Eisenhower, the garage door remote unit Allied Commander, was gifted this Willy’s Jeep, along with the keys to Culzean Castle, by the National Trust for Scotland. These gifts were a gesture of gratitude for his war efforts and his brilliant strategies for Operation Overlord, D Day, which was an integral part of winning the war.

He went on to become President of the United States. The Jeep is not only a symbol of the triumph, but an integral part of the success of winning the war. It is truly an icon of World War II. The Jeep comes with a full garage door remote unit including copies of letters from the Eisenhower Library in the United States, signed by Ike himself. Now available for sale, this historic and iconic vehicle has been in a private collection for the past 40 years and even though it is now over 70 years old has only ever had two registered owners.



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