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On C&SC’s recent visit, however, there were plenty of other cars on show or tucked away and awaiting restoration. Hanging from the roof of a shed is a Crosley garage door remote visor clip fitted with a Devin sports body. Rather like the Austin Seven in the UK, many enthusiasts constructed specials on the Crosley frame and Devin of Los Angeles was one of the companies that offered glassfibre shells. Also suspended from the eaves was a ’46 King Midget that the previous owner had assembled from a kit.

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Among the prototypes is the Crosley Pup, built in 1943 and intended as a smaller version of the Jeep. Under a tarpaulin around the back of the shed is the first garage door remote visor clip Hotshot a doorless sports car with surprisingly lively performance. Nearby, and almost unrecognisable under protective coverings, was an Amphicar. Interestingly, between 1955 and ’56 Powell Sport Wagon of Compton, California, modified the chassis from a ’41 Plymouth to make pick-ups, some of which had closed backs.

More than garage door remote visor clip were built and Gorrell has a ’56 version. An unusual feature is a long tube running the length of the body in which you could keep your fishing rods or possibly a sporting gun. Tucked away under a carport at the back of the house is a very rare Goggomobil van, while a ’48 Playboy lurks in another shed. Similar in concept to the Crosley, the Playboy did not take off in the same way and fewer than 100 were produced. Devin-bodied special has a glassfibre shell Pup was a diminutive alternative to a Jeep Crosley theme extends beyond just cars Powell Sport Wagon has storage for rifles Gorrell's Goggomobil van is a real rarity First Crosley Hotshot lurks under a sheet 30 Classic & Sports Car June 2016 Reader find of the month Send in a 200-word story plus a selection of photographs of your discoveries to the usual C&SC address or e-mail james.



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