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Coterie is a small privately owned publishing

His greatest work was at Chrysler in the 1950s, where he oversaw the 1957 ‘Forward Look’ that had a massive impact on the industry but, as this book shows, he did so much more, from luxury speedboats to, for example, the one-off 1965 Bugatti 101C-X. Stuffed with great images, this softback is superb value. Ford’s participation in the muscle car wars of the 1960s is garage door remote walmart territory but this book is a reminder of just how many fronts the battles were waged on. We remember the NASCAR Galaxies and the Le Mans GT40s, of course, but how about the Mercury Cyclone rally cars? Thie 1968 Cougar XR7-G tribute to Dan Gurney? Or one-offs such as the 427-powered 1964 Thiunderbird? Even jaded, seen-it-all-before Ford fans will find something to intrigue them here, and you get a lot ofpictures and info for your 30 quid.

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Grasso has gone out of his way to write a book centred on the rare 24 built Integrale-based Hyena, in his bid to counter the wealth ofIntegrale books that feature it only as an addendum. While the story is largely familiar, where this bilingual book scores is in the wealth of technical drawings and styling sketches including Giugiaro's proposals for the Delta , plus the chapter on how Lancia rejected Zagato’s Hyena as a production possibility in order to bring us the Kappa Coupe. Thie what? Exactly. Billemersen, Coterie Press, 2002 Value today. Coterie is a small privately owned publishing house and The Healey Book was one of its garage door remote walmart works, following on from the success of its first release The Lotus Book, which sold incredibly well.

It tackled the Healey story in a way that had never been done before, model by model, with lots ofpictures and stats to accompany the text. It garage door remote walmart word-heavy but the author, Bill Emersen, did a good job. One of the joys of this book is that it is so incredibly comprehensive, covering all kinds of oddballs and one-offs and even Healey boats. Coterie made clever use of its photography, too, with cut-out images given a ‘studio’ feel even though the pictures mostly had to be taken on location. Thie design is also very atttractive, with modern images mixed up with period shots and Healey ephemera.



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