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Thie book sold out very quickly but garage door remote weak signal stood the test of time. Given the choice between this and a lesser-priced new book, many Healey enthusiasts would opt for the older work. stephenbayley Circa Press.

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Octane columnist Stephen Bayley’s sniper wit is legendary. Don’t be put off by his book’s title or its bleak subtitle There Are No Accidents and consider his own rationale: ‘It’s not macabre, more a requiem for the car and the role it played in defining celebrity characters. Thie fatal road accidents of James Dean, Jackson Pollock, Marc Bolan and many others are explored and you can read the chapter on General Patton in this issue pages 134-136 . As Bayley says, ‘had Volvo patented the seatbelt in 1927, this book would have garage door remote weak signal rather different ’. Ferrari 250 GT Short-Wheelbase.

DOUG NYE, garage door remote weak signal Press, 60 250 for deluxe version . Author Doug Nye claims in his introduction that this story of chassis 2119 GT virtually wrote itself. Well, if that ’s the case, it did abloodygood job of it. Doug’s point is that when a car is one of the greatest GTs of all time, driven in its early years by one of the greatest drivers of all time Stirling Moss -before going on to be raced by then rising star Michael Parkes, before moving into ownership by the great and the good of historic car custodianship, then it shouldn’t be too hard to produce a decent book on it all. But this is much more than merely ‘decent’.



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