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The quotation marks are deliberate, because ‘The Silver Ghost’ was the car’s name the use of the phrase to demarcate the range of 40-50hp cars wasn’t adopted until 1 The Silver Ghost was actually the 12th chassis to be built, but as Rolls-Royce’s own demonstrator it cemented the reputation for quality and reliability the company has enjoyed eversince. Neo’s replica is a garage door remote with code model, with a fixed bonnet and minimal detail underneath, and depicts the car as it has existed since 1913, when its second owner fitted a racy angled windscreen in place of the original flat glass. It’s impressive but perhaps a little pricey just like the real thing. 1:43 scale.

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2015 Bentley Bentayga. By Look Smart Price ? 35 Material Resin & metal handbuilt Whatever your opinion of the full-size car, this is a beautiful model in a garage door remote with code colourwith contrasting two-tone interior. 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom Sports Torpedo. By Matrix Price ?1

95 Material Resincast. Yes, it’s a maharajah’s hunting car, and yes, it’s towing a machine gun ‘You must have shot an garage door remote with code lot of tigers, sir ’ . Colourful and definitely different. 1955 Ford Mystere Concept. By Neo Price ? 50 Material Resincast.



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