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Thie story starts with Moss recovering from his terrible 140mph crash in the 1960 Belgian GR Why? Because while he was convalescing, patron Rob Walker, manager Ken Gregory and father Alfred Moss were cooking up a plan to ease the badly injured Stirling back into motor racing in a GT car rather than have him jump straight back into Formula Thie car they chose was the 250 GT SWB the telegrams and letters between them, Ferrari concessionaire Colonel Ronnie Hoare, and the Ferrari factory, detailing the order of2119 GT, are utterly fascinating. Thie book then works through the evolution of the 250 GT SWB model, then onto the build of2119 GT and into a lively history ofits highly successful racing career, complete with equally lively biographies of the drivers and other garage door remote with receiver That’s followed by chapters on each of 2119 GT ’s subsequent keepers, right up to current owner Ross Brawn, who bought2119 GT in 20 Thie former Ferrari F1 technical director fully supported this book, his enthusiasm clear by the depths that he has allowed Doug Nye s research to go to, and by the high quality of the 320-page publication.

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Brawn, Nye and Porter Press have produced something special here, a record not only of a car but also of a wonderful era in motor racing. Gulf 917 at Le Mans? We're not sure it gets better than that, and Guy Allen's highly stylised A2 poster provides a fresh approach to an extremly garage door remote with receiver subject. All the elements of the 24 Hours are there, to goosebump-inducing effect. But beware, there are only 200 available, each one printed on archive-quality paper stock, signed and numbered.

? www. guyallen. uk Historics collection wine bottle holder. How tempting it would be to send the vintage plonk whizzing down the table in this even-more-vintage car bottle holder. Luckily the bottle can be removed easily, by hingeing up the rear garage door remote with receiver



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