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Ferrari 250 SWB took Best of Show. Lagonda was a star of the Thiesen display. Madrid-registered S1 garage door remote x desktop on JLR stand highlights of the entire event, enthusiasts swarming around it continuously.

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Such was the furore over the windcheating teardrop experimental car that many barely noticed the imposing 1949 Ghia Delahaye 135 beside it. Hyman’s Shawn Dougan was in an ebullient mood. He said: “By the Saturday this year we had already sold two out of three high-value classic vehicles, and sales negotiations were ongoing for the third. ” Among them was the Pininfarina prototype, which had an asking price of more than €500,0 Less successful were the new temporary halls, which garage door remote x desktop an extra 7000sq m to the already vast 120,000sq m of display space.

Although the ninth Coys auction at Essen was well attended, other exhibitors were bitterly disappointed with how few showgoers made their way to Hall 14 and the Grugahalle garage door remote x desktop Similarly, the manufacturer halls were not as extravagant as in previous years, but were still mightily impressive. BMW showed some 40 cars in its 100th year and paid tribute to its background as an aero-engine manufacturer by suspending a 1927 Klemm L2 5 above them. Star of the Mercedes display was a fantastic 1934 500K Spezial Roadster, while VW hosted all its brands in one vast, tastefully decked-out hall. Audi highlights included the 1991 AVUS quattro and quattro Spyder see Sept 2014 .



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