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In his Bibliography list, Allan mentions Tom McLachlan's book, which confirms in the 'other operators section'the situation I outline above admittedly Tom misquotes that two coaches went to RACS instead ofthe three. While acknowledging Allan's careful research and garage door remote x server of photographs, which must have needed great effort, many readers will take these articles as authoritative and I am sure that he will wish the statement to be corrected in the next issue. Perhaps to also clarify when the coach company shut down, which was well before 1985 when the RACS was swallowed up by CWS.

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Certainly all three Surrey Motors coaches went by April 1983 and two were bought by long term competitor Lewis! David Hurley, Worthing Sorry, the mistake was mine, in editing Allan's previous statements incorrectly and making a wrong assumption. Reference to the first part shows that Allan stated the situation correctly. RACS bought three Surrey garage door remote x server vehicles, but not the company, as you say. Both of these coach operators are sorely missed by many enthusiasts as well as their customers.

Unfortunately, it has taken me a while to write this, but I wanted to say that I enjoyed Malcolm Bates' article 'A Life in Grime. I admire his taste in cars and I still hope that one day I will be able to afford an MG Magnette. I agree with his sentiments on museums and the example that I particularly remember is a visit to Oxford, where the Nuffield and Morris contributions to the area was shunted into a dim corner of the museum and the tone of the captions was not complimentary. The street depicted in the photo at the top of page 35 in April's Vintage Roadscene is Great Portland Street, which is, as you say, in the 'rag trade' district of London's West End. According to the 1954 edition of the Post Office London Directory, garage door remote x server Ltd were motor cycle dealers, and the shop front nearer the camera, whose fascia board is partly obscured, belonged to the United Appeal for the Blind.



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