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They were taken on the A23 just outside Brighton and I think the year was around 1985 maybe a little later. They are of two Optare CityPacer demonstrator buses on their way down from garage door remote x windows to Brighton. They were based on a VW LT55 van chassis with their 4 litre diesel engines. Apparently, they were produced between 1985 and 1992 but thanks to their high base costs only around 300 were ever made.

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They were garage door remote x windows at a factory was in Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire, which became a subsidiary of Ashok Leyland. Optare had grown out of the old Charles Roe bus bodybuilding business, re-opened by its management, when it was closed down by British Leyland. These Pacers were used for a new system of routes around Bromley called 'Roundabout', following deregulation in the 1980s. The picture shows a number of British soldiers certainly not a whole regiment with three mid-1930s civilian Bedford W Series with the later-style bonnet pressings, a dropside and the rear two, surprisingly, tippers, impressed for war service, complete with Battalion markings 'C14' and '160', stopped on the right hand side of a road.

Cynics among us might say this was probably a posed shot possibly still in England designed to bolster morale at a bad time, just before the pull-out from Dunkirk, but the fact remains that groups like this did an amazing job of holding back the German Panzer Divisions, probably sacrificing themselves to be long-term prisoners of war, or worse, so that the majority of the British, French and others could escape, to fight again another day so, as well as being a most interesting picture, it's really garage door remote x windows a moving memento and tribute to some very brave men. It’s almost 20 years since Nick Mason released his book Into The Red. It was accompanied by a CD containing audio recordings of each car being driven by Mark Hales, including Bugatti Type 35, ERA and Maserati 250F. There was even the bellowing BRM V Esteemed journalist Nigel Roebuck once said to Sir Stirling Moss that he had an LP of the troublesome BRM’s distinctive exhaust note, to which Moss replied: “I’m surprised it ran long enough to fill an LP. ” For me, though, the star was the Ferrari 512S especially the standing start, during which the V12’s song changed from rumble to howl as it disappeared off into the distance.



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