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This was taken in 1950 at Hampstead Heath Easter Fair. Although this lorry was built in 1937, it was converted at Scammells by Sidney Harrison and is identical to the Showtracs, save for the slightly narrower cab. Edwards also had a similar garage door remote xbox conversion, by the name of the Moonraker CHK 652 .

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Keep up the good work. Maybe it's my belated ongoing mid-life crisis, which has continued with my recent garage clear-out, when I came across some copies of 'Austin Magazine' from the early 1960s. They were complimentary garage door remote xbox from Parade Garage, Oscar Road, Broadstairs, to my late father-in-law when he used to trade there. I thought readers might like to see some old pictures rather than rally reports for a change and I think these adverts are most interesting.

I even surprised myself when I came across just four copies of 'The Road Back Journal' from 1995 in my garage. It was garage door remote xbox on quality paper and very well presented but I just don't remember it. The Editor was Nigel Trevena and it was published by Jenna Publishing Ltd of St Agnes, TR5 0YE. After issue two the price was increased from ? 50 to ? Here are the front cover and one of the internal pages of issue one, with some great old adverts. Continuing my search through my old snaps I came across a couple of interesting ones.



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