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The 137 route still exists, but no garage door remote xrt112 runs north of Oxford Circus. Also good was Michael Baker's series on his overland trip. It is strange to think that such a journey would be impossible or, at best, highly dangerous now.

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My home village of Liphook has recently been marking the anniversary of the 'Hairy Pillock' bus journey around the world, when a small group of young friends purchased an ex-Warrington Corporation PD2 double decker, FED 795, and financed the venture by performing as a musical group en route and through sponsorship by British companies, finishing by taking the bus into Downing garage door remote xrt112 for a reception with Ted Heath, some years after setting out. I have a couple of snaps of the group's triumphant return to the village with a Volvo 144 and motorcycle police escort. Again, an adventure that would not be possible now. The RACS series is interesting as this Co-op served my area Liphook and Haslemere and I remember its black and white lettered vans. I think there were mobile shops or home delivery vans too, BMC FGs, if I remember correctly.

I had no idea, however, that the company had a coaching arm. Still enjoying the magazine every month. With reference to the 'Scenes Past' article on Hull Fish Docks, I would like to offer some comments. The fish boxes on the Dodge artic were empties returning to the box pool. These wooden 'overland' boxes, with holes in the ends for lifting, held eight garage door remote xrt112 of fish.



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