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They were used to move fish between ports and were rented from the pool. They were stacked high, up to the shed roof, to reduce wind in cold weather and to allow garage door remote xul on the crowded quay. The smaller boxes seen in other pictures were for delivery to final destinations and were lidded to stop pilfering.

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A kit of fish was 10 stones, transported in round barrels from Hull, and oblong alloy 'trunks' from Grimsby. Hull landed the most fish by weight in the UK, Grimsby the most by value, because of the higher value species being caught. Hull's fleet was deep water only, Aberdeen and Fleetwood were deep and middle water, while Grimsby had deep water, middle water, North Sea and inshore fleets. Further to Clive Baker's 'A Rare Sight' on page 54 of February's issue, showing Daimler ORB 277, enclosed is a picture of the same vehicle, taken at the BaMMOT museum at Wythall, in October, 20 Andy Ballisat asked on garage door remote xul 43 of the same issue, with his 1998 picture of Scammell Highwayman, 100 JPT, at Rush Green Motors, whether enough remained of the vehicle to save it. Here is a picture of100 JPT, taken at Banbury Steam Rally in June, 1999, just a year later, which gives us the answer! Not many Dodge 'Hi-Line' 100 Series lorries seem to have made it into preservation yet.

Here is an exception, seen at the Tractor Show at Malvern in February. 'Lady Doris', UMW 89T, was built in 1979 by Lambourne, along with a matching horsebox, for Lady Inchcape, of Ballantrae, to visit horse races around the UK. After time on the Isle of Man as actors' accommodation, the vehicle is said to be easy to drive, economical and keeps up with modern traffic, so maybe this type of Dodge would be a good bet for potential restoration. I was interested to read your article on fairground lorries in the April edition. I noticed the picture of Edwards' garage door remote xul Highwayman called the Churchill 839 GEW and I thought you might be interested in the attached picture of the company's earlier Scammell Showtrac of the same name FEV 858 .



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