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Unfortunately all these features together were too advanced and the

Was this model the last of the line and was it a mechanical and financial garage door remote z wave for them? With the knowledge at your disposal, possibly a feature on the bus that never was, with pictures of machines sold and to whom would be of interest to your army of readers and certainly to this 'diesel head'. 'Keep on trucking'. Brian Collinson, Blackpool The Guy Wulfrunian was an attempt by Guy to produce a front-engined and front-entrance double-decker rather like the later Volvo Ailsa.

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It was designed in conjunction with the West Riding bus company. All but two Wulfrunians had front entrance and stairs, with the Gardner engine alongside the driver, independent front garage door remote z wave and disc brakes. Unfortunately, all these features together were too advanced, and the vehicles were unreliable. Guy had financial problems caused by its South African operations and could not afford to re-design to avoid the Wulfrunian's problems. Nearly all went to West Riding and all had short lives.

The two Accrington vehicles were the only rear entrance examples, but otherwise were so different from the rest of the fleet that they were difficult to keep running. Most of Guy's customers preferred to buy the Arab V, a development of the more conventional front-engined chassis. Perhaps we can persuade Robin Hannay to produce a detailed article on the type for us. SURREY MOTORS CORRECTION Just picked up the latest Vintage Roadscene, but was horrified to see that in the second article on RACS it was stated that they'ltook over Surrey Motors". The licences were taken over by garage door remote z wave Coaches and the coaches offered for sale to discerning operators-of which RACS bought three.



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