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This is a detailed history, with lots of information for people with a local interest, as well as enthusiasts, for whom the vehicle and equipment garage door remote zapper seen in many of the pictures will be most welcome, while the personal stories and records and pictures of incidents bring everything to life. This is a book with interest for enthusiasts far beyond the confines of the region with which it is concerned. Also available from Mike Bunn, at ? 50, is a CD-ROM, containing details of all known front-line fire appliances operational with various fire brigades in the County of Essex from the early 1900s through to 20 only, but these vehicles were well-known and well thought-of by all who came in contact with them.

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They worked for UK and European operators across the Continent, as well as on the garage door remote zapper East runs and internally in Saudi Arabia, where they often grossed 100 tons with two trailers. In adverse conditions, whether cold or hot, these vehicles excelled. Like the first part, this book contains plenty of interesting information and memories of these vehicles at work, plus 90-odd period pictures in its 70 pages. There is a revised register of all the NGCs, with technical details and who they worked for.

A must for all ERF fans and those interested in the operations to and around the Middle East 30-40 years ago. Thank you for allowing me to share my fond memories with other readers, and especially for inviting me back to continue my saga of life on the road involving the Hauliers of garage door remote zapper Therefore I find it only fitting that I start at the beginning and cover one era at a time. Born the son of a farm foreman, in control of three farms covering 1000 acres and spanning eight miles, it will come as no surprise that we had our own fleet of trucks. Sorry to say, I have never been much of an 'anorak', when it comes to models or series numbers, etc, so I can only recall that the oldest one of the fleet was a long wheelbase bullnose Austin, maybe a K Series and an Austin 9 Series, both with drop side-boards, and finally a long wheel base Commer, maybe a QX.



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