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This truck would carry our double floor livestock box, which was easily removed when not needed. This small fleet played a vital role throughout the 1950s and early '60s, transporting our own produce and goods between the three farms, delivering to markets around East Yorkshire and returning with loads of garage door remote zerk feeds, timber, sand and gravel and equipment for use on the three farms. For me, it all started in 1956, at the age of 12, when my dad asked me if I would drive the Commer around the fields, to allow all the paid manpower to hump bales of straw up onto the flatbed, without them jumping in and out of the truck, to move it up the field.

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By 1960, I was working on the farm full time and still driving all the trucks around the farm and occasionally between the three farms on quiet country roads shhh! In 1965, I was 21 years old and able to drive trucks on the road legally, so I hastily applied for a full time driving job, at which I was successful first time. As Hull was the largest importer of timber at the time, manufacturers of related garage door remote zerk were starting to set up all around the city. The problem they encountered was being able to dispose of tons of waste wood shavings as quickly as possible, so anyone who could afford to buy a long wheelbase flatbed and construct a high-sided open-top box with rear opening doors was in business. A small company, 'Michael Bean', operating three such vehicles, a Bedford TK artic, with a 28ft single axle trailer, a Morris-badged BMC and a Leyland, was my first choice to gain experience.

After just one days tuition, I took charge of the new BMC-Morris, and with my huge wooden box safely lowered in place, I was ready for my first load, to be collected from Westdock Timber Company. This would involve reversing under a huge hopper, from which wood shavings were force blown into the open box and, when full, a sheet was garage door remote zerk over and held down with stretch cords. There was only one delivery location for scores of trucks collecting wood shavings every day from wood mills, and that was 'Air Screw Weyrock' at Hexham. This was a massive plant, producing tons of chipboard every day, 24 hours, seven days a week, which only goes to show that recycling is nothing new. What is new today are the motorways and by-passes.



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