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You might not agree with absolutely everything he

Let us hope the weather is kind and everyone enjoys their days out, wherever they go. Please let us know if you particularly enjoyed an event or if you were disappointed and don't forget to take your camera and if you see anything interesting, send us a picture for our future garage door remote zhf\/lw 17 1 Scene pages. Here is the story of a whole driving career.

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From passing his HGV test in the early 1970s, to recent supermarket deliveries, Mick looks back over his good days and bad days on the road. He ends with some reflections. You might not agree with absolutely everything he says, but his garage door remote zhf\/lw 17 1 are firmly based on most of a lifetime's experiences, many of which are detailed in this book. He relates everything from some early mishaps with tippers, how he drove awful vehicles and chased the clock for 'dodgy' operators as well as a few good ones carried timber, rubbish, fruit and veg, his years with G H Lucking, the theatrical removers, to driving miles around Europe, often double-manning with his wife again with plenty of highs and lows not least when his wife died at too young an age, plus the joys' of agency driving. Mick is still driving, though his personal life these days is spent more in the 'slow lane', living on a narrow boat.

His comments on the changes on the road over 40 years make for interesting reading, and pause for thought, not least how he remembers all those details, which he has managed to write down in an amusing and very readable way. This is the story of the Essex County Fire Brigade, its predecessors and successors, from the early days of fire-fighting, the setting up of local garage door remote zhf\/lw 17 1 brigades during the early years of the 20th Century, World War II and the Auxiliary Fire Service, the setting up of the county's fire brigade and its history since, with emphasis on the vehicles used We reviewed Part 1 of the story of ERF's legendary export model of the 1970s in the middle of last year. Since then, the interest shown and the additional pictures and information which have come to light have led Robert to put together this follow-up. There might have only been 91 ERF NGCs built, with Cummins 335 engine, Motor Panels steel cab and left hand drive over the years. There are over 160 pictures in the 138 pages of this softback book, showing all sorts of fire service vehicles old and not so old including some unusual types, often attending incidents, including fires, floods and road accidents, plus fire stations and personnel.



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In a word: garage door remote zhf\/lw 17 1

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