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Ironically Westdock Timber based down Manchester Street in Hull would

Back in the 1960s, it was a garage door remote zip codes story. lt could take an hour to get through York city alone, then onto the A1 now the A168 via Chester le Street, into Newcastle and then onto the A69, west to Hexham. Once set up in the huge covered building, a gang of four men would pull the shavings out with large forks, which took around one and a half hours.

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The plant still stands today, but whether it still produces chipboard and blockboard, I wouldn't know. Maybe a reader from the area might be able to tell us? Ironically 'Westdock Timber', based down Manchester Street in Hull, would be one of the companies that I would be driving for, six years later, in 1971, being one of the large private fleets operating out of the city. Meanwhile, after months of tramping the same path to Hexham and working many weekends, delivering the same shavings to poultry farms for deep filter, and quite often having to tip my own load, which could take over four hours, I felt a move onto 'artics' was on the horizon. Enter 'Dunlins', as mentioned in my previous letter, in issue 196 for March. Another couple of moves after Dunlins took me through to the 1970s, but not before garage door remote zip codes the drivers' strike of 1 The 'Wedge Committee' was formed by a small group of drivers, over a pint in a pub, as most things are! The idea was to break away from the former 'TGWU', which at the time was totally ignoring our calls for better pay and conditions.

Our basic pay was based on 40 hours, which was around ? 00, two weeks holiday pay at basic rate only after 12 months service and no sick pay. Some hauliers refused to pay night out money and even disputed whether the driver had actually been away, out of town. Talk about the good old garage door remote zip codes Working 70 hours a week, for a take home pay of ? 00, wasn't all that good.



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