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B Featherstone, Hull Thanks for your interesting memories, which will help bring the history to life, both for those who were there and those that missed 'the old days. Just to pick up on a comment in the letters section of Vintage Roadscene 197 and the letter from Alan Wilson, regarding the Leyland FK8A Windermere Number This vehicle was ordered by Windermere Council and was delivered to Windermere in September 19 It actually replaced Windermere No 1, which was a 1918 Dennis N garage door remote zombie However, soon after it arrived in the Lakes it was requisitioned on the formation of the NFS and sent to Liverpool for the period of the war.

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It no garage door remote zombie had quite a hard life during the Blitz of Liverpool. It was replaced by a 5 ton Dodge 101A dropside truck with a water dam and towing a trailer pump, quite some come down, I think. The Leyland was not returned to Windermere until around 1947 and, indeed, was then part of the newly-formed Westmorland Fire Brigade. It served alongside the Dodge, now converted by J J Smith of Kendal to a limousine type A water tender, until disposed of in around 1 It then went to a Butlins holiday camp in North Wales as a plaything and was eventually rescued for preservation in the early 1980s.

It returned to the North West, actually bought by a chap who used to ride it as a fireman when in service, around 20 I acquired it three years ago and gave it its second restoration. The Dodge also still exists. This was bought by my father in 1974 when my mother asked why, he replied: "because I have always wanted a fire engineā€ and extensively rallied in Cambridgeshire in the late 1970s early '80s. It fell into disrepair and was garage door remote zombie restored by my brother to as new condition.



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