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Drivers who refused to do so were set upon by

lt was therefore no surprise that the 'Wedge' quickly gathered pace, and many members signed up, including myself, and within three weeks, a date had been set for an all-out strike. Initially, the garage door remote zoom attracted a lot of support, not just from the haulage drivers, but also from drivers of large private fleets who were not in dispute with their employers. The Hull Docker's agreed to back us to the hilt, but our employers weren't listening and refused to recognise the Wedge.

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Sadly, by the end of the first garage door remote zoom of the strike, things took a turn for the worse when a group of drivers drove out of town in their cars to a quiet part of the A63 and caused a roadblock. All out-bound Hull truckers were forced to turn back. Drivers who refused to do so were set upon by other drivers. Cabs were damaged, windscreens smashed and a passenger lost an eye when a brick was hurled through a cab windscreen.

Although like most other drivers at the time, I never attempted to work or break the picket, but the ghastly behaviour shown was not what I signed up for. After the press got hold of it, the Wedge Committee quickly lost support from all quarters and was soon history, achieving nothing. While I appreciate that our hobby pastime is all about glory trucks of yesteryear and the preservation of such, however, I find it really garage door remote zoom to be able to read and write of others' experience in the industry and the 'Vintage Road Scene'. To me, this is the only publication that allows one to do this and cover the whole spectrum of transport. Next time,I would like to cover those gleaming private fleets on C licence, including my time at 'Westdock', what was made and where it went.



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