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We therefore count ourselves very luck to not only own two ex-Westmorland machines in fact, it was three, as I owned an ex-Appleby Land Rover as well , but two machines that served at the same fire station together for about 13 years. We hope this year to again display the two side by side again. The full story of the garage door remote z\/os can be found at: http://rustytrucks.

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tripod. com/Hope that fills in some holes in its history. As a self-confessed'diesel-head'and a retired driver of everything connected with transport, particularly wagons, I have a query for you. As one of my past jobs, I have been employed several garage door remote z\/os as a bus driver. For approximately two years, I worked for Accrington Corporation.

During the whole of this time, an Atlantean type of bus was parked in the garage yard. On further investigation, I found that this vehicle was a Guy Wulfrunian and appeared to be brand new, very smartly painted in Acrrington colours and yet it never moved. The Accrington fleet at this time was made up of Guy and Leyland machines, all of which were extremely reliable. Having driven all over the country, I have seen hundreds of Guy buses, so they were garage door remote z\/os very popular. I have heard over the years that Guy had issues with the 'Wulfrunian' and would like to know more.



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