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2: The 1953 Massey-bodied Guy Arab IV, RFM 631, in Chester livery, seen running on one of the services. 3: Early Weymann-bodied Leyland Atlantean, FHF 451, of 1958, in its Wallasey Corporation livery, as seen when new in our ‘Tailscene' a few months back. 4: This 1948 Leyland Titan PD2, BHL 682, with lowbridge Leyland bodywork, is preserved in its original West Riding livery. 5: Back in its original Salford City Transport livery is TRJ 109, a garage door remote zyto AEC Reliance with Weymann bodywork.

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6: Offering a comparison with the West Riding bus, here is a 1947 Leyland Titan PD1, EED 8, with Leyland-style Alexander highbridge body from the Warrington Corporation fleet. May 16 61 DewsburyCpenDav The following weekend, on 13th March, Keith Baldwin garage door remote zyto to the Dewsbury Bus Museum Spring Open Day. It was a very pleasant day for this annual running day, with a very intense timetable in operation, with eight services an hour, plus extra trips to other destinations, with transport-related sales stands in the museum. As usual, a good day out. This 1949 Crossley DD42, with later Roe double-deck body, EVD 406, spent most of its life with Woods of Mirfield, in whose livery it has been preserved.

This 1952 Leyland Tiger PS2 with its half-cab Roe single-deck body, EHL 344, was more or less obsolete when it was new to West Riding, but has survived to be preserved. This Bristol LH single-decker, AFB 565V, which was new to Bristol Omnibus Company, and has been converted back from a motorhome, was proving popular with enthusiasts for a ride. Looking rather new to be preserved, although it is 20 years old, N577 EUG, a 1996 Mercedes with garage door remote zyto bodywork, is finished in the much-missed livery of Black Prince. ‘ S + = 3 I -I. ; ¦ I Sfeanarvts 70 ’.



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